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Now offering CrossFit Lite and Free Introductory Classes!

 M-F @ 8:15am • Wed @ 6:30pm

CrossFit Light is a combination of activities; such as running, squats, sit ups, pull ups, kettle bells and many more. While we call this CrossFit ‘Lite’, don’t be confused… this is a hard workout! This is the perfect class for any beginner looking to get fit.
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Elements focuses on skill-development and provides all participants with a fitness baseline that covers the basic movements used in CrossFit as well some additional movements used regularly at CrossFit Counter Culture. Think of it like this, "Elements is to CrossFit as driver’s ed is to driving."

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We are proud to be North San Diego County’s largest CrossFit Affiliate. We have been building a community around fitness since September 2009.

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I’d like to take a moment and thank you coaches at Counter Culture, especially the ones who have come to experience the 5AM class. As of July of 2011, it has been a year and a half since I joined your great community and it has legitimately been a life-changing experience.

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