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We aren't like the other gyms in San Diego - we want you to move better so that you can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle now and for years to come. The first step is to come in and meet us. This way we can work together to find out how we can contribute to your fitness journey.

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Convenient North County San Diego Location - Encinitas, CA

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What Makes CFCC Different?

Our community is our family. Not only do we workout together, we spend a lot of time outside of class having fun, and enjoying the active side of San Diego.

We offer around 10 classes every weekday. No matter what you do for a living, we’re sure to have a class time that fits your busy schedule.

We want you to move better and be active outside the gym. Our focus is on making you stronger and to keep you healthy and injury free.

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Meet Our North County Community

Try it! It will change your life for the better.
- Laura Richardson

I've learned that I actually do improve with practice!
- Laura Richardson

I like being strong and CrossFit has made me strong- physically, emotionally, and professionally. I like being around people who have that same mindset. I thrive on learning more about nutrition and fitness and the coaches and owners at Counterculture are more than willing to share their knowledge and provide assistance. I can't imagine life without CrossFit now.
- Raquel (Kelly) Carr

I have wanted to do a triathlon at some point in my life. I guess realizing that if I work hard enough that it's an attainable goal.
- Tristan

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