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CrossFit Group Class

Our group classes offer the same benefits as personal training in an exciting group dynamic for all skill levels. Our CrossFit group classes feature a combination of Olympic Lifting and gymnastic movements carefully constructed in a group dynamic and done at high intensity. This will allow you to push yourself to continually and consistently make progress. You will be empowered to master functional movements and exceed your goals, no matter what they are.

Independent Study PE & Kids class

ISPE allows students to get more out of their PE class. Students can attend CrossFit Counter Culture to satisfy their PE credit for middle and high school. The program will improve strength, speed, power, agility, coordination and flexibility. More about our program: Programs are designed based on age and capabilities Classes are taught by highly qualified, certified instructors Program prepares youth for sports of all types (soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, etc.) and all levels (recreational and competitive) Classes are fun, safe, and in a group environment Small class sizes ensure proper technique and personal attention.

open gym

We are the only gym in north country open all day! We're open 24/7, so you can get a workout whenever your schedule permits.

Nutrition Coaching

Hard work in the gym will take you pretty far, but proper nutrition can have an enormous impact both inside the gym, and in your everyday life. Our paleo-based zone diet will be customized according to your specific needs - whether you're looking to build healthy eating habits, lose unwanted fat, or fueling your body for optimum performance at the gym. Food has the capability to be medicine, or if left unmoderated it can counteract everything you're doing in the gym.

Personal Training

Personal Training is an effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your coach will work with you to assess your fitness needs, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Child Care

We offer supervised childcare during our busy classes to keep your kiddos safe.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Increased brain functions and boosted mood

Improved energy and better health

Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass, and better overall fitness

See-it-in-the-mirror results

Compliments from friends and family. A healthier, more efficient heart

Increased life expectancy. Substanial improvements in mental health. Better bone density.


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