Workout of the Day

2013-05-24 – Workout

Strength 4 Rounds Alternate between  Weighted Good Mornings x 8 Reps Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 reps each leg (use dumbbells or KB)   WOD (5) 3 min cycles rest 2 min between cycle 20/14 Kcal Airdyne Max rep Pull Up Record total pull ups from all 5 cycles

2013-05-23 – Workout

Strength 4 Cycles Max Effort 3 REP Bench Press then partition any way you want Floor Wipers x 40  Hollow Rock x 80   WOD 21-15-9 Power Snatch 115/80 Ring Dip (*watch your FULL ROM)

2013-05-21 – Workout

Strength Strict Max Rep Pull Up 3 attempts (don't let go) Strict Max Rep Push Up w release 3 attempts (no rest for longer than a heart beat) Max Rep SIt Up with feet weighted (no rest for longer than a heart beat) repeat each exercise one after another with little rest between each, repeat 3… Read more »

2013-05-20 – Workout

  STRENGTH Deadlift Max 4sets x 1Rep   WOD Five rounds of:  135/95 pound Power clean, 3 reps 135/95 pound Front squat, 7 reps 135/95 pound Jerk, 3 reps 30 Double Under Rest 60 seconds between each round

2013-05-18 – Workout

  Partner WOD   Alternate between one exercise sharing the reps before you move onto another exercise. Only one partner can be working at a time You will alternate exercises with your partner every 60sec Pick up reps were your partner left off.  Run together   For Time Run 800m 100 Pull Ups 100 Box… Read more »

2013-05-17 – Workout

Strength Heaving Snatch Balance ON the minute for 10 minutes 3 Reps without setting bar down WOD For 10 minutes complete the following: 45 seconds max rep KB Swing 55/35 15 sec REST 45 seconds max rep Wall Ball 20/14 15 Sec Rest Immediately following  Complete  50 Burpee for time* Time starts at 10:00 for… Read more »

2013-05-15 – Workout

  Strength 5 Rounds GHD SIT UPS x15 Strict Ring Dip x 6   WOD Individual Event 6 For time: 100 Double-unders 50 Handstand push-ups 40 Toes-to-bar 30 Shoulder to overhead  (160 / 100 lbs) 90 foot Walking lunge Bar in front rack (160 / 100 lbs)