Encinitas – Group Class

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2 min Assault Bike or Row 400m

6 Sampson Stretch

25′ banded side step

10 Banded Glute Bridge

10 Clam Shells each side

5 BB Back Squat TEMPO 3331

10 Cossack squat each side with or without BB

5 min of Mobility

Foam Roll with thoracic extension



Glute Smash


Back Squat:

Warm up with a few sets before completing the working sets below. Each set should be completed as heavy as possible under the assigned TEMPO:

(Tempo 3331)


Back Squat


Extended today’s workout to 15 minutes. Also scale any HSPU to Strict Push Up.

Movement Standards here:


Crossfit Games Open 19.3 (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps)

200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge 50lb/35lb

50 dumbbell box step-ups 24in/20in

50 strict handstand push-ups

200-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 10 minutes

Crossfit Games Open 19.3 Scaled (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps)

200-ft. dumbbell front-rack lunge 50lb/35lb

50 dumbbell box step-ups

50 5-in. elevated strict HSPU

200-ft. bear crawl

Time cap: 10 minutes