Encinitas – Group Class

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(10 min CAP)

Row 30/20 cal

Tall Plank Lateral Walk 20’/direction


Single Arm KB or DB Overhead Carry 50 feet/arm

Single Arm Ring Row Hold x 15sec/arm

10 Banded Press

10 DB Lateral shoulder raise

2-3 min of Shoulder mobility


(20 min Cap)

Strict Press


with remaining time in 20 min:

2-3 Rounds

12 DB Skull Crusher

8 Weighted Barbell Curl with 3 count lower

Shoulder Press


30 min to warm up and complete WOD which will take 21 min.

Metcon (Time)

2 Cycles

AMRAP in 3 min

Run 200m

Max Rep Bench Press 135/95

Directly into…

AMRAP in 3 min

Run 200m

Max Rep Bar Dips (Rx+Ring)

Directly into

AMRAP in 3 min

Run 200m

Max Rep Rope Climb*

Rest 3 min and repeat 1x

Scale with Max Rep Ring Row with feet on box
You may start at any 3 min AMRAP to avoid bottleneck at the Bench Press.