Encinitas – Stronghuman/Stamina Interval Training

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2 min Assault Bike


Rump Pump

25’ out and Back Banded Low Quadruped Lateral Walk

10 each leg Banded Quadruped Kick backs

20 Clam Shell each leg

30 sec Banded Wall Glute Bridge

30 sec Banded Glute Pulse

30 sec v-up hollow rock


Bike and Go (Time)

4 Rounds Each Alternating with a partner

15/12 cal all out on Assault Bike

Rest 15 sec

High Bar Push down and back full course

Men 2-45#

Women 2-25#

push it (Time)

4 Rounds Alternating w partner

Rev Sled Push to 2nd cone

Low Bar Sled Push home
men 4×45 + 2×25#

Women 4×25 + 2 x 15#

pull it (Distance)

4 Rounds each alternating with a partner

60 sec max distance Fwd Sled

60 sec max distance Rev Sled Drag

lots of 45#’s
Use your phone as a stop watch

Grip strength (Time)

3 Rounds each alternating with a partner:

2nd cone and back for all movements

Pinch Grip Plate Carry

DB Farmer Carry

30 second Deadlift Hold

30 second hang on pull up bar