Encinitas – Stronghuman/Stamina Interval Training

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2 min Assault Bike

10 Clam Shell Hip Raise /each

10 each leg Banded Quadruped Kick backs

25 Banded Wall Glute Bridge

24 Banded Glute Pulse

Go push and pull heavy stuff around 2 min… try to focus on glutes firing….

Carry Pull Carry (Time)

3 Rounds Alternating with a partner

Heavy Sandbag Carry to 2nd cone (drop sandbag)

Run Back to start

Forward Sled Drag Down to 2nd Cone and Reverse Sled Back

Run to Sandbag

Sand Bag Carry back

Quadizilla (No Measure)

3 Rounds alternating with a partner.

Men hit 90+RPM on assault bike and sustain for 7 seconds

Women hit 70+ RPM on bike and sustain for 7 seconds

then immediately into:

High Bar Sled Push Down and Back full course

(Men 45’s, Women 25’s)

Add weight for a total of Men 6x 45’s

Women 6x 25’s

Reverse Sled Push to 1st cone and back.

My Ass is on Fire (No Measure)

3 Round each Alternating with a partner;

10 Banded Heavy BB Glute Bride

20 Banded Glute Bridge

10 Rower Hamstring Curl

Low Bar Sled Push full course down and back

Men 2×45 + 2 x 25

Women 2×25+ 2x 15 or 25

Grip strength (Time)

3 Rounds each alternating with a partner:

2nd cone and back for all movements

Pinch Grip Plate Carry

DB Farmer Carry

30 second Deadlift Hold

30 second hang on pull up bar

Core/ Stability

4 Rounds

30 sec Tuck Hold or L- Sit on Parallettes

30 sec GHD Static Side Hold hold

6 Bamboo Bar Get Ups or 100′ Bamboo Bar walk