Encinitas – Strongman/Stamina Interval Training

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2 min Assault Bike

10 Clam Shell Hip Raise /each

10 each leg Banded Quadruped Kick backs

25 Banded Wall Glute Bridge

24 Banded Glute Pulse

Go push and pull heavy stuff around 2 min… try to focus on glutes firing….

bike and sled (Time)

4 Rounds

Assault Bike 15/12 cal (Rx+ 18/15)

FWD Pull Sled 3/4 course

Rev Drag Sled to start

yuck (Time)

4 Rounds

Aim for 75 sec for each round. Rest while partner goes.

Sprint down and back (short course) with Heavy Sled

unload weight

Sprint down and back (long course) with light sled

Reverse Sled all the way home (Distance)

5 Rounds alternating with a partner.

Max distance Rev Sled Push in 60 sec

Men 4×45

Women 4 x 25

Row + SandBag + WallJumps + Farmer Carry (3 Rounds for time)

Every 5 min for 15 min

(3 Rounds)

Row 250/200m all out

6 Sandbag toss + Burpee Wall Jump over

50′ Down and Back HEAVY DB Farmer Carry