Encinitas – Group Class

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Run 400m or Assault bike 18/15 CAL

4 Inch Worms with 3 Push ups after each one

30 sec Pec Stretch on floor.

5-10 Diamond Push Up

1 min Lacrosse Ball Pec smash using squat rack column

30 Hollow Rock

20 V Up

10 Side Plank Hip Dips with light DB each side

Take 2-3 minute to stretch out any additional muscle groups


Bench Press

Bench Press

After 3-4 warm up sets… complete the following :


5 sets of 3 Reps AHAP across all sets (only small weight builds between)


5 sets of 5 Reps AHAP across all sets


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 min AMRAP

5 Box Jump 30/24″

10 Deadlfits 225/155 (285/205)

15 Push Up with Release

Gun Show

3-4 Super Sets

Barbell Curl x 8 (3 count lower) go AHAP

DB Skull Crusher x 12 (2 count lower)

Banded Tricep Extension x 30