Encinitas – Strongman/Stamina Interval Training

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2 min Assault Bike


Rump Pump

25’ out and Back Banded Low Quadruped Lateral Walk

10 each leg Banded Quadruped Kick backs

20 Clam Shell each leg

30 sec Banded Wall Glute Bridge

30 sec Banded Glute Pulse

50′ KB Duck Walk

The Big Mile (Time)

20 min Time CAP

Both Partners Pushing a sled

Complete 8 Laps around the small building.


Men: (4) 45’s

Women: (4) 25’s

Bike and DRAG (Time)

5 Rounds Alternating with a Partner

15/12 Cal on Assault Bike

1 arm Sled Drag down

1 arm Sled Drag Back

Strongman Core (Time)

One Partner Completes GHD sit ups

the other partner completes 100m Sandbag Carry.

Continue Rotating until each partner has completed 100 GHD Sit Ups

Crab time (Time)

2 Rounds Alternating with a partner:

6 Turkish Get Up

Weighted Crab Walk 50′

100′ Heavy DB Farmer Carry

Weighted Crab Walk 50′