Encinitas – Group Class

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Row 20/15 Cal or Run 400m or Assault Bike 20/15 Cal

20 Walking Lunges

5 strict pull up (12 Ring Row)

10 Push Up

10 Wallball

15 V Up

30 Hollow Rocks

with your partner

10 Wallball each

15 light KB swing each

45 sec Pigeon each leg

Pick 2

Glute Smash

Banded Shoulder Mobility

Pec Smash

Foam Roll

Trap Smash


Metcon (Time)

Teams of two

Cal Row

Pull Up

Wall Balls 20/14 (Rx+ 30/20)

OH Walking Lunges 45/25

1 arm DB Snatch 40/25 (Rx+50/40


NO DROPPING DBs from above your head:

Strike 1- 200 meter run

strike 2: no more DB

100 reps of every exercise on the list, you decide the sequence, but finish the 100 before turning to the next one. Only one person works at time and any amounts of reps can be completed by any individual.