Encinitas – Strongman/Stamina Interval Training

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2 min Assault Bike


Rump Pump

25’ out and Back Banded Low Quadruped Lateral Walk

10 each leg Banded Quadruped Kick backs

20 Clam Shell each leg

30 sec Banded Wall Glute Bridge

30 sec Banded Glute Pulse

30 sec v-up hollow rock


The Gauntlet (Time)

4 Rounds

Rest while partner goes

15/12 Cal on Assault Bike

8 Sandbag Shoulder Toss

10 DB Thruster

Sled Push Full Course down and back

Forward and Reverse (Time)

5 Rounds

Rest while partner goes

Forward Lunging Sled Push 60 sec or until end

Reverse Sled Push back to start

Racked and Dragging (Time)

5 Rounds

Rest while partner goes

1 Direction full course

Double Front Racked KB’s

Forward Sled Drag with Sled attached to waist