Encinitas – Strongman/Stamina Interval Training

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90 sec Assault bike

90 sec Row

1 Light 50′ out and back Forward Push Sled Drag

1 Light 50′ out and back Sled Push

Practice Seated Sled Pull

Get a couple medium heavy sandbag shoulder tosses in

Mobilize and listen to WOD explanation

1/2 Split Hamstring

Quad Smash

Calf Smash

Wide Leg Forward Fold


15 sec Forward Sled Drag (6 Rounds for weight)

Every 2 min 30 sec for 15 min complete.

15 sec all out Forward Facing Sled Drag

Bike and Push (4 Rounds for weight)

Every 4 min for 16 min complete:

30 sec all out Assault bike

15 sec rest

Down and Back Sled Push AHAP

Bike and Bags (5 Rounds for reps)

Every 3 min for 15 min complete the following in a 75 sec all out effort

15/12 Cal on Bike with remaining time max Rep Sandbag shoulder toss

Rope Pull and OH Bamboo Bar Walk (No Measure)

Work between both for 15 min

Sprint down to the Rope . Take a seated position on the floor. Pull the sled down to you. Grab heavy KB or DB and Farmer Carry down and back.

Bamboo bar OH begin to complete walking lunges down the course. Turn around and walk back (no lunges).