Encinitas – Group Class

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Row 500m

15 Ring Row

4 Wall Walk Up

10 Push Up

10 Palm facing up Ring Row

Runner Lunge to 1/2 split 5x (each side) pause 10 seconds

2 Rounds

15 Straddle V Up

30 Hollow Rocks

15 Arch Rocks

20 Plank Hip DIps

6 min mobility (pick 3)



Glute Smash

Pec Smash

Foam Roll

Trap Smash


For 16 min work through the following

7 Ring or Parallette Push-ups ( Finish with a turnout each rep & lock elbows)

2 Rope climb (legless for advanced)

20 sec Wall Facing HS HOLD*

30 sec parallete tuck hold or L-sit

* you may also work on FreeStanding HS or 25-50′ HS Walk


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata Protocol

8 Rounds per exercises

Rest 1 min after each 8 Rounds

Tabata Deadlift, 185/135

Tabata Assault Bike for Calories

Tabata Ring or Bar Dip

Tabata Row Calories

Tabata Push press 115/80