Encinitas – Group Class

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Run or Row 400m

15 Plank Hip Dips each side

5 Strict supine Pull Up 15 Ring Row

4 wall walk up

10 Scapular Push Up from knees

10 T- Push Ups

10 Diamond Push Up

20 sec Reverse Table Top Hold

Mobilize and Stretch

Foam Roll Lats

Smash Pecs

Banded Shoulders

Smash Triceps/Stretch on wall



5-8 Rep Strict HSPU (RX + with 4”/2″ deficit)

Alternate Rounds – 25′ HS Walk and Max Rep Strict Ring Dips with 4 sec pause at bottom

8 Bar Wipers

8 Renegade Row (push up + row rt+ row left)


5 negative or banded HSPU

Alternate Rounds 25’ HS Walk or Max Rep Strict Bar Dips

8 Strict toe to bar

8 Renegade Row (push up + row rt+ row left)


8 Piked Push Up

8 Strict Bar Dips

8 Hanging knee Raise with 2 sec pause on top

8 Renegade Row (push up + row rt+ row left)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

Run 400m

7 Power Clean 155/110

14 Burpee Box Jump over 24/20″

Rx Plus 185/135