Encinitas – Group Class

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(10 min cap)

Bear Crawl to west end of gym

15 Plank Hip Dips each side

4 Wall Walk Ups

10 Ring Row or 5 Strict Supinated Pull Up

5 practice side plank rotations each side


Mobilize and Stretch

Foam Roll Lats

Smash Pecs

Banded Shoulders


For 15 min cycle through the following progression

Int- ADV

60 sec Max Rep Ring Push Up (strict form… thighs never touch floor, chest makes contact each time)

60 sec Max Rep Straight Bar Dips

8 BB Roll Out

10 DB side plank rotations each side


60 sec Max Rep Push Up

60 sec Max Rep Paralette Dips with feet on low box or plate

6-8 Piked Push Up with best pike position attainable

8 BB Roll Out

10 DB side plank rotations each side


Scale weight of thruster…. to get all 10 reps unbroken. All KB’s are unbroken. Each Round should be under 3 min.

T (5 Rounds for time)

5 rounds for time of:

100-meter sprint

10 squat clean thrusters

15 kettlebell swings

100-meter sprint

Rest 2 minutes

Men: 115 lb. and 2 pood

Women: 75 lb. and 1.5 pood