Encinitas – Group Class


Row 21/18 Cal

20 Inverted V UP (using rower)

20 BarbellGood Morning (leave out bar)

20 BB Side Bend (10 each side)

20 BB Glute Bridge

45 sec wide leg standing forward fold

Runner Lunge hold 20 sec into 1/2 split hold for 20 sec each side.

3 min mobility of your choice


Spend 15 min building to a heavy set of 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean. You may drop the bar after your 1st hang power clean but must immediately pick up the barbell… Watch your foot work today.

Back the weight down to 70% of today’s heaviest power clean complex. Complete 1 set of Max Rep touch n go Power Cleans.

Hang Power Clean + Power Clean

Power Clean (max rep)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

30 (1) arm alternating DB Snatch 40/25

30 Burpee Dumbbell Jump over. ‘open standards’

60 Double Under

Rest 2 min between Rounds

Count total time for score
Rx Plus 50/35

Scale 100 singles