Encinitas – Group Class


(10 min cap)

50′ Foward Lunge + 50′ Reverse Lunge

15 Plank Hip Dips each side

1 Conan each direction

10 Bar Kips

Mobilize and Stretch

Foam Roll Lats

Smash Pecs

Banded Shoulders”


For 20 min cycle through the following progression


3-5 Strict Toe to Bar + Max Rep Kipping T2B all in one set

25′ HS walk or work on HS Hold (see below)

1 Legless or 2 Standard Rope Climb

30 sec Weighted side plank hold each side


3 Strict Hanging knee raise + Max Rep kipping knee raises

20-30 sec Wall Facing HS Hold. Work on being adjusting your hips over your shoulders and have your toes just barely tapping the wall.

30 sec Weighted side plank hold


Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 4 min for 5 Rounds (score time for each Round)

Run 200m

6 Back Rack Foward then Backward DEPTH Lunge Right leg 95/65*

6 Back Rack Foward then Backward Depth Lunge Left leg

10 Thruster 95/65

**use a 45# plate to step on for DEPTH lunge

Rx plus 10 Depth Lunge per leg
*How to count the 6 reps: lunge forward = 1 rep then lunge backward = 1 rep for 3 sets each leg