Encinitas – Group Class


(10 min cap)

Run 200m

10 steps monster walk forward- 10 step monster walk backwards

25’ Banded side lunge (band below knees) each side

15 Banded Airs squat in front of squat rack

10 Banded Clam Shells each side

20 Banded Glute Bridge (band above Knees, drive them out)

Barbell Quad Smash

1 min Figure 4 Lacrosse Ball Glute Smash

1 min Ankle Mobility or Foam Roll

1 min each leg Pigeon


Back Squat

Every 2min for

8 sets

Tempo 30×0

Complete 1 rep, rest 15 sec with Bar on Racks, then complete 2nd rep.

Start around 80-85% and build weight with each set

Back Squat


Metcon (Time)

10 Hang Power Clean 155/110

25 Burpee bar hop

7 Squat Clean

15 Handstand Push Up

150 Double Under

15 Handstand Push Up

7 Squat Clean

25 Burpee bar hop

10 Hang Power Clean

Rx= 155/110

RX+= 185/135
225 singles