Encinitas – Group Class


Run 200m

4 wall walk up

20 Y- out

10 DB Windmill each side

10 Renegade Row

5 min mobility

Pec smash

Banded Shoulder Stretch

Foam Roll (Smash) Lats


Continue Cycling through Rounds for 20 min


Alternate Rounds – A (3-5 RING Muscle up strict) B (Max Rep Kipping BAR Muscle Up)

50’ HS Walk

4 DB Turkish Get Up

INT Plus-

Alternating Rounds – A (5 attempts to work on weakest Muscle Ups) B (max reps on what you are best at)

25’ HS Walk

4 DB Turkish Get Up


5-8 Strict Pull Up

Alternate Rounds – A (25’ HS Walk)or 30 sec HS Hold) B (Max Rep Strict Bar Dips)

4 DB Turkish Get Up


5 Negative Pull Ups with a 4 second descent

8 Strict Bar Dips

4 DB Turkish Get Up


Metcon (Time)

20 min cap

4 Rounds

400m Run

20 (1) arm DB Push Press 50/35

50’ (1) arm OH Walking Lunge