Encinitas – Group Class


(10 min cap)

30 Jumping Jacks

30 Elbow Jacks

4 Wall Walk Ups

10 Ring Row

10 Scapular Push Up

10 Push Ups

10 Diamond Push Up

20 Front Raise using rubber plate

20 sec Reverse Table Top Hold

Mobilize and Stretch





Continue Cycling through Rounds for 20 min


5-8 Rep Strict HSPU with 4”/2″” deficit

Alternate Rounds – 50’ HS Walk or Max Rep Strict Ring Dips with 4 sec pause at bottom

8 Bar Wipers

INT Plus-

5 Strict HSPU at any deficit

Alternate Rounds – 25’ HS Walk or Max Rep Straight bar or Ring Strict Dips

8 Bar Wipers or 8 Strict toe to bar


5 negative or banded HSPU

Alternate Rounds 25’ HS Walk or Max Rep Strict Bar Dips

8 Strict toe to bar


8 Piked Push Up

8 Strict Bar Dips

8 Hanging knee Raise with 2 sec pause on top


Record time completed in each round

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 4 min for 20 min (5 sets)

400m Run

20 -1 Arm DB Snatch 50/35

*Rowing scale

men 500m

women 400m

Accessory work

3 Super sets

BB Skull Crusher x10 (4 second descent)

Lateral Side Bends x15 each side