Encinitas – Group Class


30 Double Under (10 attempt)

10 Single leg KB Deadlift each leg

20 BarbellGood Morning (leave out bar)

5 min mobility

Foam Roll with Thoracic extenstion

Couch Stretch

Banded Hamstring Stretch or Pigeon


Sumo Deadlift Work up to a heavy 3RM for the day

* do the accessory work post wod to compliment this lift.

Sumo Deadlift


Take a couple minutes to mobilize for pistols and chest to bar and Muscle Up

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 Min Amrap

60 Double Under

30 Alternating Pistol

25 Burpee

20 Chest to Bar

Rx Plus = 10 Bar Muscle Up

Accessory work

3 Round Super Set

Romanian Deadlift x 20 @ 50% of todays 3 RM

BB Roll Out x 12