Encinitas, South Vista – Group Class


Run 200m

50′ walking lunge

50′ duck walk

20 Hollow Rock

20 Arch Rock

20 V up

20 windshield wipers on the floor

5 min Mobility of your choice:


Couch Stretch

Glute Smash with Lacrosse Ball

Trap Smash

Foam Roll Lats


With a partner

4 Super Sets

6 DB Split Squat each leg “go HEAVY”

8 Bent Supine Grip Barbell Row ” get your chest close to parallel with ground”

8 Landmine Twist each side “get some weight on that bar”


Metcon (Time)

For Time

“break it up anyway you like”

60 Front Squat 115/80

60 SDHP 115/80

60 Burpee