Encinitas, South Vista – Group Class


Run 200m

2 Rounds

10 Push Up

15 Overhead PVC Air Squat

Mobility 4 min (pick 2)

Trap Smash

Shoulder Work with Lacrosse ball and Bands

Pigeon Stretch

Quad Stretch



Take 15 min to:

ADV- work up to a 3 RM for the Day


Beginner 5×8

Overhead Squat


Start 30min into class

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4 Rounds each

2 Person Partner WOD or work rest 1:1 ratio

Row 25/20 Cal

50′ OH DB Walking Lunge *

20 Box Jump 24/20″

Rx= Don’t set DB’s Down.

*There is no RX weight today. You should go as heavy as possible with a weight you can hold overhead with each hand and go the whole 50′ without setting down.

Score each round individually, place weight in comments box