Encinitas, South Vista – Group Class


Run 200m

50′ side lunge

15 Ring Row

20 Medball Clean

20 Banded Good Morning

20 Clam Shells each side

30 sec Pigeon

30 sec couch stretch


ADV Work up to a 1 RM Squat Clean

INT- Work on technique 8 sets of 3 Reps. (main focus is to get under the bar and make the catch deep in your Squat, rather than making the catch and sinking down into a squat)

Squat Clean


Metcon (Time)


Toe to Bar

SDHP 95/65

Burpee Box Jump over 24/20”

Kettlebell Swings 55/35

Front Rack Stationary Reverse Lunge 95/65
Rx Plus

KB 70/55

Barbell 115/80